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Thanks for taking a peek at my letter! Most of it will just be rehashing what was on my sign-up form, but I've also added a coda here for how I like the ships I picked to be portrayed and fandom tropes I like for them. I also wanted to say that my ideas are just that and I'm totally open to anything for my ships that doesn't go against my DNWs! My AO3 dashboard is over here if you need it.

A note to artists:
I'm not very good at giving art prompts, so I can only hope that my codas and idea prompts can help! As for general art likes: I like things that showcase high emotions between characters - eclectically charged pieces with bold colors. I also like impressionistic line arts in monochrome or mono-colors, that have simple scenes with deep meaning for the character(s). I like characters looking each other in the eyes and smiling or smirking/glaring for antagonistic pairs. I like cute, pastel-colored kisses. I also have an odd love of art showing my favorite characters drinking tea.



Mycroft Holmes/Sherlock Holmes
I love angst for this ship. With either a happy or bittersweet flavor. Specifically if it comes in the flavor of over-dependence and extreme loyalty. And knowing that they are always the smartest people in the room, especially if it's shown that at least in some things, they are occasionally the dumbest, because 'What are these things you call common human interactions?'. I like the ship requited, but I also like it unrequited on either side. If they try to bury the emotions because "Caring is not an advantage." and there's loads of UST. Playing board games while snipping at each other. One-upmanship. Tricking one another into showing emotions.

Do Not Want:
Major Character Death

Idea 1: After collecting Sherlock in Serbia, Mycroft decides that he'd like to get out in the field more. With John and Mary spending most of their time with Rosie, that leaves him an opening with Sherlock. He just didn't realize that being around Sherlock so much would cause old urges to flair. So he cuts off contact with his brother and goes on a deep cover mission to assuage his sudden like for 'legwork' and distract himself from his desires. Then he falls in a bad way, which is actually not so surprising, what with his letting his training go lax for so long. Mycroft just didn't expect Sherlock to come to return the favor and collect him instead.

Idea 2: Mycroft is very good at hiding secrets. And although Sherlock is very intelligent about most things, he his positively oblivious to others. Mycroft is lonely. But he most certainly does not need a 'goldfish'. He needs Sherlock.

Idea 3: Sherlock would rather burn his own brain away with drugs than live with the knowledge that he loves his own brother. The pitying looks Mycroft gives him whenever he finds him only makes his need worse. Because he knows that Mycroft knows.

Idea 4: John walks in on something he'd rather forget. But he can't. And heaven help him, he has questions and concerns and oh hell, he's going to have to talk to them about it. Damn.

Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper
Minimal angst. Rainbows and unicorns and kittens and all the fluff - or at least as close as Sherlock can get. Molly being a secret badass. Molly showing  Sherlock that caring is an advantage after all. Science nerding. Domestic pampering from either side or both. All the romantic comedy. Case-fic. Accepting quirks. Molly moving into Baker Street.

Do Not Want:

Major Character Death
Unrequited Romance

Idea 1: Sherlock does not know how to tell Molly he likes her. He notices from John and Mary's interactions that giving gifts seems to be a safe bet. But Sherlock has an odd sense of what qualifies as a gift.

Idea 2: Molly is going to make sure this date involves no murders at all. The last three have been a bust, but she's going to get it right this time. Or God have mercy on whatever criminal ruins her plans.

Idea 3: Molly meets Sherlock's parents for the first time.

Idea 4: Molly and Sherlock watching Rosie and being awesome Godparents, while contemplating future children of their own.

The Magicians

William "Penny" Adiyodi/Eliot Waugh
Who appear to be polar opposites at first glance are not actually polar opposites after all. Eliot being fabulous and secretly broody. Penny being broody and secretly fabulous. Badass magic spells. Partying. Studying. Angst with a happy ending. Fixing each other. Surprise soulmates. Fillory ships it. Romantic comedy. First time gay experience for Penny.

Do Not Want:
Major Character Death
Unrequited Romance

Idea 1: Eliot is the High King of Fillory. He can never leave his Kingdom. As a Traveler, the man he loves can never stay, at least not for long. He thinks Penny doesn't know how he feels. But Penny always brings him the best presents back from his travels.

Idea 2: Queen Fen dies giving birth to a baby, the Prince or Princess of Fillory. But as the child grows, Eliot realizes his child is a Traveler and as such is a danger to themself. With no idea where else to turn, Eliot uses magic to pull Penny into Fillory, after having not seen him since the Final Battle of The Beast, many years before. [I don't consider Fen a major character so this doesn't go against my DNWs. I don't want extreme specifics of her death, if possible.]

Idea 3: Penny isn't the only one hearing voices - ever since he ended Mike McCormick's life, Eliot hasn't been able to make them stop. He tries drowning them out any why he can think of. Finally he breaks down and tells Penny his awful secret.

Idea 4: Penny wants Eliot, but knows Eliot doesn't do serious relationships. Until he accidentally wanders into one of Eliot's dreams - complete with a white picket fence, a dog, and a caricature of Penny with a briefcase - and realizes he may have been wrong to assume that.

Margo Hanson/Alice Quinn

Who appear to be polar opposites at first glance are not actually polar opposites after all. Margo being fabulous and secretly broody. Alice being broody and secretly fabulous. Badass magic spells. Partying. Studying. Rival-romance. Frienemies to friends to lovers. Accepting quirks. Learning experiences on both sides. Shopping. First lesbian experience for either or both.

Do Not Want:
Major Character Death
Unrequited Romance

Idea 1: Margo finds herself invited to one of Alice's parent's parties. Alice is pissed and isn't sure why. She just knows she's not letting Margo attend under any circumstances. That just makes Margo want to go even more.

Idea 2: Margo is so over Alice leaving for a week. Like, whatever. And she totally isn't being clingy to Alice, no matter what Eliot says, because he's just being a bitch. But Alice had better not go away again.

Idea 3: After Cancer Puppy dies, the Physical kids need a new mascot. Margo and Alice are tasked with getting one. After searching high and low for the perfect one, Margo settles on an ageless kitten she names 'Charlie'.

Idea 4: Margo loves getting Alice frazzled more than anything. At first this just upsets Alice, but slowly she starts to like it too. Not that she would ever admit that. And then she realizes she can make Margo just as frazzled via lesbian chicken. But then things devolve from there.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Kaecilius/Stephen Strange
Redeemed Kaecilius. I like requited or pining Kaecilius with oblivious Stephen or straight up muddled feelings dub-con. Stephen being a badass doctor. Magic being complicated. The multi-verse ships it. Angst by the bucket load. Fluffy villianship that doesn't forget that Kaecilius did bad things. Enemies to friends to lovers. Surprise soulmates.

Do Not Want:

Major Character Death
Rape/Non-Con [Dub-Con for Idea 4 is fine.]

Idea 1: Before or just after the destruction at the Hong Kong Sanctum or perhaps even after the end of the film, Strange realizes someone (Mordo, like in the comics? Or perhaps Loki, ala Ragnarok implied end scene?) is psychically manipulating Kaecilius and saves him from it. They start over from the beginning and get to know the other and become friends and then more.

Idea 2: Kaecilius really thinks Dormammu is the real deal, because he wants his lost loved ones back and to be with them forever. Cue Strange disillusioning him by forcing Dormammu to admit he can't actually bring back the dead in a happy Eden setting with cakes and shit. Then Strange helping Kaecilius pick up the pieces and healing his broken heart like a proper doctor.

Idea 3: Or maybe after struggling with imprisonment under Dormammu and finally escaping, Kaecilius changes sides to fight against him. He seeks out Stephen's help, who doesn't trust him. Then they start trading stories of their times with Dormammu and realize being around someone else who understands what they went trough is cathartic. They don't know how dependent they have become on each other until something happens to keep them apart.

Idea 4: Anything involving the magical body cage. Because you know it's been used for things that have nothing to do with defensive battle strategies.


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