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Birthdate:Apr 10, 1992
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For anything posted here on my DreamWidth, you may translate, remix, podfic, illustrate, sequel, prequel, or anything else. You do not need to ask my permission. Send me a link to the work, so I can send back love!


You can call me Bingo or Heyon. My closer friends sometimes call me Hollie, as an old inside joke. I'm a fanboy, which is actually more common than most people think. Besides reading and writing, my favorite things to do are hike, camp, and hang out with friends. I'll give a warning to you that sometimes my life can get a bit crazy, so don't be surprised to see long periods of time where I'm not here and then suddenly I am again.

Sometimes I can get distracted by random, shiny fandoms, but my heart truly belongs to Sherlock Holmes' many sprawling multiverses. I invariably ship Sherlock with almost everyone, every time. The same goes for Mycroft. I just can't help loving those smart, emotionally reserved guys.

I also have an undying and eternal love for music. I'm a bit more reserved fandom-wise for it, but it's actually almost more of an obsession for me! So I'll probably wind up posting things for that here too.
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